Tuesday, 22 January 2013

8_p Farms And Factories

Here is a great 8_p map.Two rivers across the map, creating three territories.Middle is accessible by four bridges on the edges and a double road in center.Resources are balanced and there is 6 victory points.Two to each part of the map.Control the middle area and you will triumph.Have fun!!!!!


Download here



  1. Nice map, I like this kind of maps.

  2. Good map, now you know how to make great maps, good map, others sucks, but its ok this is a good map, continue please :D very good job

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Forgive me for my poor english but you mean that all my maps is bad except from that one?Yeah i know that about my first 6-7 maps is poor in objects, splats and splines, but at least the last 8-10 maps i think is good.
      Besides i don't make money from them so to be able to spend 4-5 months to create just one map.(just to inform i have made 25 maps the last 16 months)I make maps just for fun to play with friends and i made this blog to share it with people who love coh.
      Afterall if you mean that all my maps is bad except from that one, is like to say to all people that left comments that they are fool.(read the comments)
      Now if i am wrong then forgive me but you should to be more specific about what you mean when you say "others sucks".
      And me at least when i critic someone i have the courage to leave my name.

      With love xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx

      PS-What means that? ":D"

    2. Sorry, my name is James, just dont have acount and i dont wanna create new acount. We ( 16 friends) think that your maps, other maps, well to much points in annihilate and computers just get bug and cantmove and take points, also the mountains are bigger, and well you know its horrible big mountais xD, but this one, this one is great, we like, the points and how you dispose the building and the spaces... really but really good, also we like the bridges, how people can comming and pushing, is the best, also are not bad, well we just dont like how you dispose the buildings and those big mountains. Sorry my english sucks, but ty again for this map, also if you wanna get some money, you can ask for Donations, we are able to donation for you, you can use, 123ticket or paypal. ty so much. again.

    3. Hi James and i'm glad that you write again.
      Well all trouble was the big mountains?I have only 3 maps with big mountains and of course some people like it some not.
      But that doesn't mean that is bad map.Some people eat meat some not.Doesn't mean that meat is bad.
      About points i don't know if you know but it is the most important in a map.And that because - where you put a point and what kind of point is and where is the next nearest point is, makes the cpu to move accordingly.
      Some maps if you play it you will notice that cpu goes for example on right field until middle and after turns back and goes to right (like 8_p germans supply road-8_p breakthrough-6_p greek island-8_p battlefield for heroes) and that is a way the enemy to press you more than usual.(maybe you find almost all enemy forces to fight you while cpu is not with you.)
      Each map until i upload, i test it at least 50-60 times until i find the best compination for the points.
      There is and some specific points that if you block them cpu stops.(like 4_p road n13 the high and middle munition points or like 6_p rivers division low munition points in middle area).
      That is not just something random but it is the result of testing the points again and again and again.............
      Sometimes even if i don't want to put one more munition or fuel, high or low i have to do it because otherwise cpu don't do much and it is very easy to win.
      And when a map is big of course is going to have and many points.
      I never notice any bug and never anybody else and until now i have 44000 downloads.
      Maybe you mean what i describe before about how cpu moves in some maps, but that is not bug.

      And something else.Please don't thank me, i thank you for your comments and your downloads.

      P.S.Really 16 friends?How you play coh?There is only place for eight.
      2)About points i didn't try to "look smart" i just explain the meaning of the points.

  3. Thanks for this map it is great , Danny

  4. LOve your maps bro. Much appreciated

  5. I really like your map! This is my first time adding maps to COH. I have followed the instructions but can't add the map. I have created a folder under scenarios. Can you share some tips on this? Thanks!

    1. Hello.Well there is one folder with name scenarios but you have to create a new.If you follow the instructions will work 100%.I also have a link for a video.
      You have to make and a new shortcut.
      Please NOTICE.If you download from section"MAPS IN SGA FORMAT" is
      another path that you store the maps and another if you download
      from main page "company of heroes maps tales of valor maps".
      If you download from main page use this path
      c:\documents\my games\Company of Heroes\ww2\data\scenarios\MP
      and follow the instructions and create a new shortcut.
      You see after ww2 folder you have to create 3 folders.
      Hope to helped you.

  6. many Thanks for the nice map, bro!

  7. Once i select this map, the game suddenly crashed... I find this map great but it doesn't work for me...

    1. Yes,i know.But only the SGA file had problem.Somehow the SGA format files stop working.After 2 months i had to recreate them and to upload again.I did that 3 times.So i delete the SGA files,they don't excist anymore.You can download and play the normal files.THEY DONT HAVE PROBLEM.I also have instructions how to play SGB files by using steam software.

  8. nice map i would love to see an 8 player map with lots of twists and turns plenty of defendable choke ponts and lots of foot bridges and a couple destructable bridges with one indestructable bridge in a nice place and plnty of hills and cliffs for ambush points

    1. Hi.Thanks.
      Well.Last weeks I have already start making a map and i hope in a few days to be ready.
      The map that you describe should to be large and as i can imagine from your description it will take more that the usual to be done.I mean (i am not sure but) about 3 months.
      Problem is (cause i want it to make a map that contains everything) that the program doesn't create rivers in mountain area.
      Rivers always have one altitude.Is flat and all rivers in a map is in same altitude.I mean that a river cannt go up or down.
      But i was thinking to do a map similar to your description.
      But first i have to finish what i started and after i will.

  9. I have a question does your maps is only for multiplayer games or you can play them with enemy as the computer cpu? Can u guide me through it?

  10. Hi.You can play both.Skirmish (vs computer) and multiplayer.You just have to follow the instructions and run coh in -dev mode so you can play the maps that is sgb format.EIther if you use steam either not you can play them.