Monday, 8 July 2013

8_p Seine River Docks

Here is another map from the game.Changes that have been made.Read below.
8_p Seine River Docks was only transformed and not created by xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx.This map belongs to RELIC THQ.

1-From 6 to 8 players.
2-Allied bases is on the right side and axis on the left.No bases on the middle.
3-There is 4 victory points, 1 left 1 right and 2 on the middle.
4-On the middle area where was the bases replaced by high munition points and 2 fuel points changed to medium points.
5-Also i change a little the atmosphere.
Resources are ballanced.
Download here

Transformed by xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx


  1. Awesome! :D

  2. fantastic , thank you

  3. could you perhaps add 1 high munition point and 1 high fuel point on both the spawn sides?

    1. Well i already try several combinations before i upload the map and if i place more points becomes more easy to win.Also changes the behave of cpu in the game.Trust me.As is, is the best combination,about points.

  4. This is awesome! :D i dont want to be a bother but could you perhaps make a 3v3 Lyon? :)

    1. Well, yes but is going to take a while.First i have to finish what i started and after i will.