Wednesday, 21 August 2013

8_p Complex Of Bridges

 In this map there is eight bridges that provides access.All bridges can be destroyed.When you reach to enemy base you will find very hard resistan.I have place 6 88 flaks to each team.(6 in american and 6 in german team).Resources are balanced.There is 3 victory points.Have fun!!!!!

Download here


  1. i love it! :) i was just wondering if perhaps you could get rid of the fences that are around the base areas? they kinda get in the way when i want to send out infantry

    1. Hi.Well i can not do that for many reasons.
      If i do that for you then everybody is going to ask changes.
      Besides, fence is not just for beauty, but is "playing a roll" that i can not describe it now with a few words.
      Also i can not delete and upload the file again and make changes in blog.

  2. John: is there a SGA file? and the gamefront wont work for me...

    AQ(additional question): Cant Use maps like this when isnt SGA(I Use NON-STEAM)and also how can I use "-dev" if it says "not valid or make sure its in the right folder/path"

    Looking forward on answering this....

    1. No.There isn't any sga file.I used to make but after months just stop working the files, so i stop make sga files.
      I upload in 2 servers the files so if one has problem you can use the other.
      If you use a non steam game then don't use the steam at all,run the game alone.
      About -dev and how to play the maps i have 2 pages with instructions.
      One for steam and one if you don't use steam.
      I can not write now 2 pages to answer.Besides the answer is in the instructions.
      READ CAREFULLY and FOLLOW the instructions and you will play the maps.

  3. where should i put the map files to play it ????????

    1. Hi.Well if you use steam you have to place it here
      c:\documents\my games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\ww2\data\scenarios\MP
      If you don't use steam here
      c:\documents\my games\Company of Heroes\ww2\data\scenarios\MP
      Also you need to run coh in -dev mode.
      Please read the instructions carefully and you will be ready to play.